Camilleri Interiors is dedicated to all the active dreamers around the globe who follow the ideal of creation no matter the circumstances or conditions. The freethinkers, the creative wanderers, the explorers of the unknown, the nomads and wonder seekers of a creation that most of all has soul..

The studio
The design studio primarily focuses on interior architecture and interior design  applied on a wide range of projects, providing services for clients around the world. With fifteen years of experience in the creative field and a deep commitment to a holistic approach to space from an interiors perspective, we create organic spaces which evolve in time together with the people that inhabit them.

The Founder

Mara Latanioti Camilleri is a freelance interior architect and designer with a specialty on listed properties. The will to turn visions and dreams into beautiful realities forms the foundation of her design process for both home and commercial spaces. Through a deep and holistic approach to interior design she commits to the tailor made creation of a space which is an individual organic expression of her clients and serves their needs, wishes and goals. Her design process considers space, proportion, light and materiality whilst working closely with the client. Quality materials which make sense for the site, place and function and craftsmanship which serves a space which feels timeless, comfortable and inspiring. Thanks to collaborations with top contractors, suppliers and showrooms she can renovate, design and manage if necessary the onsite works of both residential and commercial spaces.

   A  propos du Studio

Le studio de Mara Latanioti Camilleri a développé un savoir faire unique dans la conception et la réalisation de projets de rénovations totales clés en main. Nos domaines d’intervention vont du gros œuvre structurel jusqu’à la décoration pure. Nous vous accompagnerons donc dans toutes les étapes du projet : définition du plan idéal d’aménagement, conception détaillée (choix des matériaux, éclairage, meubles sur mesure), consultation des entreprises et direction des travaux. Le studio de Camilleri Interiors intervient dans tous les secteurs du bâtiment : habitations, bureaux, hôtels restaurants, boutiques.