Design Process
We offer a highly structured approach for each project, having created the following key stages:

Brief & Concept Design
Understanding and listening to our clients is something that we believe is fundamental to the success of any project. Invariably, we recommend more than one initial idea, so as to demonstrate the potential of a project.

Concept Development
Refining any design can often involve exploring simultaneous ideas with our clients until a definitive concept is agreed upon.

Concept Resolution
Presented as a series of line drawings, presentation boards and visuals, the chosen concept design can progress to the following stages of detailed design.
Once the design is approved the client has the option to commission full building and decorating specifications for each room. These are highly desirable documents used to detail the works required to the contractor for quotation purposes and to guide the activities of the contractor during the project itself. A quote is provided based on the scope of works.

Detailed Design
We believe that in designing the finest details, you invariably create the most beautiful of projects. Similarly, the more time we invest at this stage, we can deliver a more professional and accurate project.
However, from this point, should you wish, you are well equipped to appoint your own contractor.

Furniture Design
Bespoke furniture design defines us as a leading practice in the pursuit of individuality and timeless furnishings. While we will often specify non-bespoke products, there are occasions when creating our own furniture designs are essential.

Tender & Procurement
Away from the creative processes, we are equally passionate about total clarity, transparency and accuracy when tendering our projects. We offer our clients the highest standard of account management, ensuring all of our projects are tendered and controlled precisely.

We can offer our clients the highest standard of site management to suit their requirements.

Installation & Final Dressing
We conclude our projects with an installation of all furnishings, dressing each room, styling and ensuring a seamless handover to our clients.