I work with a wide variety of  clients with no project being too big or too small. Below you can find a brief overview of the different bespoke services which are provided for residential or commercial spaces. These services are completely adjustable to the requirements of your project. To receive a complete detailed description do get in touch Contact .

  • Interior Design:  This service consists in the complete  design development which is customised for your project, from conceptual sketches to remodeling and renovation of the given space including project management and site inspection if needed. This is a service that often requires collaborations with architects and builders.
  • Interior Decoration: This service is recommended to those clients who wish to create a tailor made decoration for their interiors, both residential or commercial. A complete sourcing is carried out for Custom Furnishings, Fittings, Window Treatments, Area rugs, Art, Accessories and other Decorative items. Purchases and installation of all the above on behalf of the client, are also possible.
  • Conceptual  Design& Styling:  A service which is offered worldwide and is primarily focused on the creation and development of the decorative identity of the client’s project and the aesthetic requirements that come with it. This service is suitable for projects in which the construction/renovation and major works are not needed or have been already performed. If the furniture and decorative items have already been purchased by the Client the goal will be to style the interiors on behalf of the former.


The above services can also be combined and adjusted for a complete tailor made result fitting the client’s preferences and purpose of the project.